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Commercial law

In Slovenia we divide Commercial law into two branches: Corporate law and Commercial Contract Law. The first contains rules and principles regarding the inner organization of the enterprise, the second regulates mutual relations between entities that are trading with goods and services. Our law-firm represents clients and enterprises in front of the court in commercial trials and in out-of-the court matters. We locate all risks regarding the conclusion of contracts.


We pro-actively assist and advise companies in the various stages of their day-to-day business activities. Our services include legal risk assessment of business deals, assistance throughout the negotiation process, preparation of agreements, and counselling during the execution of an agreement. We thus enable our clients a smooth transaction while keeping the legal risks at a minimum.

We advise companies and its executives from the beginning of our relationship in an effort to guide the company and to prevent the instigation of a dispute. However, if a dispute should arise, we shall provide with advice in order to resolve the dispute, which may also include our representation of the company in litigation and other court proceedings. We undertake a success analysis, so you can know what to expect from a legal proceeding.


Our Law firm we help you:

  • within the founding acts of an enterprise

  • consultancy regarding enterprise transformation

  • consultancy regarding how to close the enterprise

  • we prepare all kinds of business contracts and agreements

  • consultancy regarding the competition law

  • consultancy regarding merges and acquisitions

  • in legal issues regarding intellectual property law

  • register as a creditor in a bankruptcy or liquidation and register your debts in it

  • starting an execution procedure for debt collection

  • we overlook contracts and find risks regarding conclusion of contracts

  • review of contracts and assessment of legal risks

  • Negotiations

  • Keeping companies informed about new regulations that pertain to their business

  • Implementation of general conditions

  • Evaluation of litigation or pre-litigation situations

  • Management of litigation matters before civil and commercial courts

  • Implementation of arbitration proceedings

  • Evaluation of litigation or pre-litigation situations.

  • Management of litigation matters before civil and commercial courts.

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